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TOP is a survey concerning the modern translator and his or her relationship with technologies, other professionals in the field and the various types of client they may deal with.

It focuses on the awareness and use of the most advanced technologies available, ranging from CAT tools to TMs, workflow automation platforms, adaptive MT and neural networks.

It examines the relationship between the translator and his or her colleagues, both as part of a professional association and in the world of the social media: virtual communities, social networks, dedicated portals and others.

It explores the relationship between the translator and the various types of clients with whom he or she interfaces.

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Who we are

The project stems from the enthusiastic partnership between two authoritative models of excellence in the translation world: the Altiero Spinelli Municipal School of Interpreters and Translators and Way2Global srl DB, a specialist spin-off, created from the thirty years’ experience of Trans-Edit Group, an Italian LSP (Language Service Provider) and one of the world’s leading 100 translation companies.


TOP – Behind the scenes

Faced with technological progress, we must not lose sight of the real challenge: reaffirming the timeless primacy of the human being. This is the raison d’être of TOP

Laura GoriCEO & Founder - Way2Global - Way2Global

Our students are the translators of tomorrow: for them and for those who have already travelled the same path, we decided to launch TOP

Pietro SchenoneDirector, Municipal School
of Interpreters and Translators

A European survey that straddles the borders between those who traverse borders every day for their work: this is TOP

Lele RozzaCoordinator, International Relations Degree - ­ at Fondazione Milano